Russia cancels plan to install missiles on Baltic Sea

Posted: September 18, 2009 in Russia
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Since Obama’s announcement, Russia has cancelled the deployment of “new” Iskander missile complexes to Kaliningrad. Makes me wonder what type of “old” missile complexes may already be there. These missiles are nuclear-capable and Russia has lots of them scattered about.

Here’s what Pravda had said earlier about the possibility of a US European missile shield:

“Russia (previously) promised to take adequate measures in return and deploy Iskander missile complexes in the Kaliningrad enclave.” Read entire article here.

From Wikipedia re Kaliningrad Enclave:

BalticSeaMapKaliningrad Oblast is the most militarized area of the Russian Federation, and the density of military installations is the highest in Europe. Kaliningrad is a headquarters of Russian Baltic Fleet circled by Chernyakhovsk (air base), Donskoye (air base), and Kaliningrad Chkalovsk (naval air base).

Kaliningrad Oblast is a federal subject of Russia (an oblast) situated on the Baltic coast. The oblast forms the westernmost part of the Russian Federation, but it has no land connection to the rest of Russia. Since the fall of the Soviet Union it has been an exclave of Russia surrounded by Lithuania, Poland, and the Baltic Sea. Borderless travel to the main part of Russia is only possible by sea or air.

This political isolation became more pronounced when Lithuania and Poland both became members of the European Union and NATO, and entered the Schengen Zone, which means that the oblast is surrounded by the territories of these organizations as well.

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