DEBKA: US bunker-buster project rushed

Posted: September 28, 2009 in Iran, Israel, Middle East
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QomSuspectedMissileSiteDEBKAfile Special Report
September 27, 2009:

US giant bunker-buster bomb project rushed since Iran’s Qom site discovered.

The Pentagon has brought forward to December 2009 the target-date for producing the first 15-ton super bunker-buster bomb (GBU-57A/B) Massive Ordinance Penetrator, which can reach a depth of 60.09 meters underground before exploding.

DEBKAfile’s military sources report that top defense agencies and air force units were also working against the clock to adapt the bay of a B2a Stealth bomber for carrying and delivering the bomb.

The Pentagon has ordered the number of bombs rolling off the production line increased from four to ten – a rush job triggered in May by the discovery that Iran was hiding a second uranium enrichment plant under a mountain near Qom – a discovery which prompted this week’s international outcry. Congress has since quietly inserted the necessary funding in the 2009 budget.

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