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Jerusalem Post 04 Nov 2009
Defense officials say weapons bound for Syria, Hizbullah

francopCaption: A ship identified as Francop, an arms ship seized by Israeli authorities near Cyprus Wednesday, anchors in the port of the Israeli city of Ashdod, Israel, Wednesday. Photo: AP

Hundreds of tons of weaponry, ten times the size of the Karine A shipment of 2002, were seized in an overnight raid Tuesday by the Israeli navy, some 100 nautical miles west of Israel, officials said… The weapons seized on the ship, which was sailing under an Antiguan flag, included 3,000 rockets of various types… After several days of the Israeli military monitoring the ship, IDF Navy Seals boarded it in the middle of the night. Suspicions were raised after the Seals uncovered certificates within containers that documented Iran as the point of origin for some containers, with Syria as the intended destination.