Recent spate of quakes… coincidence

Posted: March 11, 2010 in natural disasters

Despite what some have been saying, there is no scientific evidence of increased frequency or severity of devastating earthquakes in recent decades. More people are building in earthquake zones, however, plus increased detection and reporting of those that do occur.

Bible passages don’t say the frequency of major disasters will increase – just that they will occur, they will mark the “beginning of the end,” and that we should be on watch. Thus this blog. Here’s an interesting article.

Contra Costa Times Online
9 March 2010

Geologists have a logical term for the recent rash of devastating earthquakes around the world: They’re called clusters, and scientists recognize that such groupings do occur.

For Californians, the cluster seemed to start with a magnitude 6.5 quake outside Eureka on Jan. 9. Then a magnitude 7.0 earthquake devastated Haiti on Jan. 12. A similar-size quake struck Japan on Feb. 26, followed the next day by a powerful magnitude 8.8 temblor rocking Chile. A magnitude 6.4 earthquake hit Taiwan on March 4 and a magnitude 6.5 earthquake struck Indonesia the next day. Then, on Monday, a magnitude 6.0 earthquake shook Turkey.

Despite the unnerving series of recent quakes, it’s not a sign that more seismic havoc is imminent. Although large earthquakes are capable of triggering faraway temblors, the subsequent quakes are typically well under magnitude 4, geologists say. So when major earthquakes occur close in time but thousands of miles apart, it’s considered coincidence.

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