Sky color

Posted: May 17, 2010 in natural disasters

Why is the sky blue?

I know more about that question and answer now than I ever wanted to know. And I know how the color of the sky changes from place to place, time to time.

Since my last post about geologic changes coming, I have spent a lot of time online doing research and reading about the geology of our planet, including the levels of air surrounding it. If I was younger, I might sign up for a university class or two, just to understand better how everything interacts.

Can volcanic emissions (ash and other chemicals) change the sky color? Yes.

Can wildfires? Yes.

Can oil spills? Yes.

Sky color is affected by the chemical composition of the air, the particles in it and their chemical composition, as well as their size and number.

These things can be changed dramatically by natural and man-made disasters, from volcanic eruptions to nuclear blasts. Even oil spills affect air “quality,” although usually on a local scale. Global dimming occurs when there is a decrease in the amount of solar radiation – sunlight – reaching the earth’s surface because of interference from chemicals / particles in the air that should not be there. The results? They range from frightening, to terrifying, to devastating, to catastrophic. The ecologic systems of the planet can be disrupted.

I think I know why the Lord told me to watch for geologic changes coming in the earth, although that might take a little more effort when it comes to sky color. He wants me to take his watch and warn assignment seriously. Some disasters give mankind little or no warning, despite the best efforts of scientists worldwide. That being true, we would all be better off to heed God’s warnings.

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