Who is really behind the Gaza flotilla?

Posted: May 31, 2010 in Iran, Israel, Middle East
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This morning I did a search for “Turkey” from within Fars News online (Iranian news site). The results beg the question, Who is doing what with the Gaza Flotilla? Notice the date on the following article. FYI, Turkey is working closely with Iran to further Iran’s nuclear ambitions. There are quite a lot of Fars News articles on that.
Iran Seeking to Maximize Cooperation with Turkey
Farsnews online 25 May 2010

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian First Vice-President Mohammad Reza Rahimi hailed the brotherly ties between Tehran and Ankara, stressing that the ground is ready for a stride in the expansion of the two countries’ joint cooperation.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran pursues expansion of ties and joint cooperation with Turkey in a brotherly and full-scale manner,” Rahimi said on Monday in a meeting with Turkish Ambassador to Tehran Umit Yardim.

He … reiterated that Iran and Turkey should strive to promote their cooperation as fast as possible, cautioning that paused movement on this course would lead to the delayed attainment of the desired results(emphasis added).

Rahimi also pointed to the Tehran-Ankara agreement on increasing the volume of trade exchanges to $30bln….

In March, Iranian and Turkish officials signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to expand mutual cooperation in different industrial fields, specially in textile, auto-manufacturing and power industries.


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