March / April / May / June (so far) have been eventful months

Posted: March 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

Updated from March…

I haven’t uploaded any news articles in a long time now; there have been too many to choose from, and I have been preoccupied with personal health problems. The time I’ve been spending online has been devoted to reading and answering personal emails, plus reading about:

The situation in Libya, Syria, Yemen, recently even Iraq again. The whole middle east is in an uproar…

The civil war and UN response to the ongoing Libya crisis, with Gaddafi refusing to leave, continually threatening his own people and anyone who helps them. US, French and other nations created a “no-fly” zone and now are using attack helicopters on remaining Gaddafi strongholds. Many of his inner circle have now defected so surely he can’t hold out too much longer.

Floods, tornadoes, massive destruction in the heartland of the United States! America needs God’s mercy.


The massive 9.0 earthquake in Japan, which was followed by a devastating tsunami, which was followed by damage and radiation leaks from a major nuclear power plant locations with multiple reactors, topped by winter storms, lack of power for heat, and lack of transportation because of destroyed roads and power-less trains. This is a disaster of unprecedented proportions and the world is responding, but it is ongoing with the news up and down — mainly from the unknown conditions inside the broken reactors.

There are ongoing protests in Yemen and now Syria, with Bahrain having just more-or-less put down one by force in their own kingdom. Their government claims that a foreign power had instigated those protests (did not name Iran but obviously meant them).

I read Sky News, Voice of America, BBC World, Jerusalem Post, Fars News, Al Jazeera and many other online news sources daily, when I can. Hope I can get back to culling articles that seem most relevant to end times very soon.

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