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Another wave is coming

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July 10, 2013

ChinaFloodsshirsoleiman20130518074516447‘China rainstorms death toll reaches 55’

The death toll from rainstorms that battered southern China this week has reached 55 with at least 14 others missing, Chinese authorities say. (Other news articles mention hundreds of cars/people trapped in tunnels.)
July 9, 2013
(Also posted on Esther’s Petition)

The other day the Lord told me something I have had to think about a bit more. Another wave is coming, He said. A wave of what? I asked.

A wave of disaster, He said. In the United States. In the world. I thought about all the disasters that have been happening in the last couple of years, fires, floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, strange storms. Like the massive earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Like Superstorm Sandy that hit the northeastern United States causing so much destruction. More fires and floods are still happening in America, even right now today. More disaster?! Why? I couldn’t NOT ask. Was God himself sending these disasters?

People and nations reap what they sow, He said. Sin has a dreadful harvest. People are earning — and receiving — wages of death. Voluntarily earning. I have called, and called, and called, and warned, and warned, and warned.

And disasters can be beacons of warning, like foghorns to prevent shipwrecks. Some hear and heed the warnings and souls are preserved. For those who are listening, revival is happening. They are being saved, delivered, rescued, healed! Souls, lives are being preserved.

But too many haven’t listened. They are still not listening, and another wave is coming. How many warnings will it take? Until the people stop sowing seeds of destruction, stop earning wages of death? Until they return to the only One who can rescue them?