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Status report 2013-2014

Posted: December 31, 2013 in Uncategorized

happy-new-year-2014-australia-wallpapers-pics-images-sms-Happy New Year! I haven’t added a new post in quite a while now. Not that there’s been a lack of interesting news from around the world, indeed quite the opposite. There’s been too much! So many articles to choose from, so many coming so often, that I have just been reading them, making mental notes, and saving a few links on my computer.

As I was praying about 2013 coming to a close and 2014 beginning, the Lord reminded me that time is a record-keeping construct for human purposes, and the calendar has been adjusted several times over the centuries. There’s not a hard and fast line separating the years.

Still, some things ran through my mind as I pictured the globe… wars and rumors of wars, old ones and new ones in the Middle East, Far East, Africa and Europe. Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, South Sudan, Central African Republic. Civilian protests in the Ukraine. Conflict between Japan and China over certain Pacific islands with threats of military intervention. Bombings this week in Volgograd, Russia. Ongoing Iranian tension over nuclear materials.

Natural disasters on unprecedented scales, fires, floods, volcanoes and earthquakes. Hurricane-force snow and ice storms this week across the mid-western to northeastern United States. Similar destructive storms and flooding in Ireland and England. Many records are being broken with temperature extremes, rainfall totals, power outages.

Signs in the heavens with comets, meteors and asteroids. The solar poles have just finished reversing — a normal occurrence during the 11-12 year solar cycle — with negative consequences for earth-based technology, such as communication satellites. Then there’s the arctic ice melting while antarctic ice thickens. The massive underground lake just discovered in Greenland, a sign of global warming, some say.

Diseases. New strains of old ones (a virulent strain of flu), newly discovered ones (bird flu caught by humans). Drug-resistant ones. Not to mention economic turmoil worldwide. Foreign and domestic stock market fluctuations.

Overall moral decline in many nations, as laws are changed or enacted to legalize behaviors deemed illegal or immoral just a few years ago. (And good stuff still happens, too. New discoveries, new victories, new revivals! Thank God for those.)

Here are a few news links, a glimpse of what I’ve been reading and praying about over the past several months.

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